25 years of effective ear care

25 years of effective ear care

Propulse 25 years of effective ear care


We know that it is important to our customers to buy from a brand that they can trust. That is why we are absolutely delighted that the ProPulse® Ear Irrigator has just celebrated its silver anniversary! The new ProPulse® builds upon a quarter of a century of safe and reliable ear care.

Clinician feedback means the new unit combines modern design with classic ProPulse® features, enabling more effective patient care. It has been designed with both patient and clinician in mind.

And, if you weren’t aware, the ProPulse® Ear Irrigator has a wide range of complementary products to deliver effective ear care including:

  • ProPulse® ProScoop
  • ProPulse® ProTect Cape™
  • ProPulse® Cleaning Tablets
  • ProPulse® Headlamp
  • ProPulse® Carry Case

To find out more, speak to your distributor or call us on 0845 130 5440.

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