Committed to the future

Committed to a sustainable future

Mirage Health Group, manufacturer of the Propulse® range of products, is committed to a sustainable approach to all of its business activities. We understand that our activities will have an impact on the wider environment, and in developing this policy we seek to reinforce our commitment to manage environmental issues properly within our existing business.





Our Environmental Policy

 Mirage Health Group Ltd:


  • Complies with environmental regulations in every country in which we operate
  • Ensures that environmental considerations are integrated into all of our business decisions
  • Uses risk assessment methods to identify potential environmental risks to our business
  • Tries to develop a wider understanding of environmental issues amongst our suppliers, employees, clients, partners and local communities
  • Regularly reviews our policies to ensure that we continue to reduce waste, and encourage the most effective utilisation of resources


Mirage believe that we all need to work together towards a better use of scarce resources.

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