Success at the InspiringHerts18 Awards



Mirage Health Group, maunfacturers of the Propulse Ear Irrigator, are delighted to have won the InspiringHerts 18 ‘Made in Herts’ award at a recent ceremony. This award was designed to recognise outstanding companies who manufacture their products in Hertfordshire.

Mirage Health Group, manufacturers of the Propulse Ear Irrigator, winners of the Made in Herts award

The winning team!

Director of Sales, David Caldwell said, “The last three years have seen a huge turnaround for Mirage Health Group as we have made the transition from a company that simply fulfilled orders to being a true manufacturing organisation. This meant a lot of changes other than perhaps just the obvious ones of setting up a production process. We had to rethink how we were structured as an organisation. We had to take on and integrate a completely new team. We had to make a quantum leap in our mindset. For future growth and prosperity, Mirage Health Group had to take the step to move its manufacturing base to Hertfordshire.

‘Made in Hertfordshire’ is a proud boast for us and we know that many UK companies like to support home grown products. Overseas too, due to the efforts of Chambers and others, the brand has real traction.

This award is dedicated to all of our production team who have worked so tirelessly to make our manufacturing base in Hertfordshire the success it is today.”

Mirage Health Group up for Made in Herts Award


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